There’s a good news I need to share with you.

I finally received free copies of the BRP Monograpg – Blood and Badges.

It’s a collection of nine adventures for the Chaosium Basic Roleplaying system. What distintcts this monograph from the rest is the fact my advenutre is in it – huraaah! 🙂 Without being too modest, I would just like to say it’s good to see my name on some published gaming product. It’s an excellent motiviation to start writing new material.

Enough bragging, let’s see what is inside. (Nota bene: I haven’t read the whole collection so this will not be a proper review, but a teaser insted.)

The nine mentioned advenutres include vareity of genres and plots. There are three western advenutres with different flavors (sphagetti, horror, vanilla), a horror sc-fi adventure set in 1950’s, a cyberpunk adventure set in nearby future, a classic fanatasy adventure, a modern age top-secret supers advenutre, a dystopian steampunk advenutre with nazi zombies and mine medieval horror advenutre.

Chaosium hasn’t put the book in open market yet so I don’t know the final price, but the range of motives and genres of advenutres should suffice to satisfy broad types of gamers and GMs.

I hope to write some more words about the monograph in the upcoming days/weeks. Until than I would like to congratulate other authors and thank Chaosium team for picking my advenuture for publishing.

You know how thay say, you always remember the first kiss. 😀

P.S. good people from Chaosium are holding another advenutre contest. For more information aim your browsers here.


~ by streebor on April 27, 2011.

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