Zagreb – centre of European RPGing!!!

Of course not – Happy 1st April!!! 🙂

The leitmotif for this post was the last entry for travel-rpg column ”Have dice, will travel”. For those of you not aware of it, The Escapist is hosting Keith ”Eberron” Baker’s interesting column. In his last writing Keith introduced, or at least tried to present, a rpg scene in Zagreb, Croatian capital city.

As the concept of Keith’s travels strongly emphasizes the interaction with the hosts,  his impression of visited countries and the hobby scenes will be influenced by thier comments and actions. I am not familiar with Keith’s  hosts in Zagreb (which adds to general conclusion of Croat rpgers as autistic or sectic) but some of their remarks need to be updated.

For example, although Keith mentioned the role of web as a social tool for gamers, I find it pity he (or his hosts, at the first place) didn’t say anything about Eydis forum or Fantasy Hrvatska, an associated sf & fantasy portal. I think those two places are the best way for gamers interested in finding new players or/and games. Several open gaming initatives were launched there and were successfully implemented. The games editor Exxar is doing hell of a job in making the portal a relevant and updated info place for boardgames and rpgs. For anyone understanding common Balkan language and interested in the subject I suggest checking both links. Also, I assure you this is not a paid ad, nor does it has anything to do with the fact I occasionally write for portal and used to be a rpg moderator! 🙂 Generally speaking, the scene is fragmented on different games and systems (mtg, miniatures, pathfinder, gurps, dark heresy, wfrp, etc.) but I didn’t get the impression that Zagreb gamers don’t want to try or participate in new gaming groups.  From my point of view the main reasons for such fragmentation is the lack of proper rpg club or venue where you can meet, game and talk with other players. Things could improve with the weekly gatherings and presentation that Keith’s hosts started to organize. We’ll see.

On the other hand, the lack of appropriate rpg LFGS in Zagreb didn’t affect the overall playing of games. The fact is, currently in Zagreb you can’t buy anything except 4e. Ok, I admit yesterday I saw a Rogue Trader corebook on sale in the city’s only shop but it was on sale (probably due to bad selling). What wasn’t mentioned in Keith’s article is the  opinion of Croatian rpg gamers about piracy and intellectual property. Here (and in the rest of Balkans) everybody uses torrents and pirate scanned books. I am not going to defend nor attack this fact but I would comment that if there weren’t Pirate Bay, Demonoid or similar services, gamers in Croatia would have so much poorer gaming experience. Also, for the sake of objectivity I have to say I don’t know any Croatian gamer who hasn’t got at least one legal rpg book.

Conclusion is for you to make.

Here is one of Zagreb’s public sculptures I really like that has pure fantasy feeling – Saint Georges kills the Beast:

See you next time.








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