Starting the new season!

Wow man, my gaming life and blogging aspiration have been on hiatus for too long! Over 3 months from the last blog update  and about 2 months since I rolled some dice. Terrible. The summer usually messes me up like that.

Fortunately, the autumn started and, how the black president Obama and the dark lord Tzeench would say, it’s time for a change!. Tomorrow is Friday gaming night with Warhammer fantasy rpg 2nd edition!

I am starting a Chaos mini campaign placed during the aftermath of Storm of Chaos invasion and located somewhere along the borders of Talabecland, Stirland and Ostermark on the river Aver. The players are lieutenants in the broken and retreating Chaos horde running from the Imperial army’s counter-attack.  So far, the party includes: Norscan doomweaver of Slaanesh, bestigore of Nurgle, Chaos dwarf sorcerer, Tzeench’s bray-shaman, Kurgan chaos warrior and bestigore of Khorne. All of them have some retinue or minions (like ungors, marauders, demonettes, etc…), since I wanted to explore the gritty, military feeling a person experiences while commanding a broken regiments of psychopathic murderers, hehee.

For the combat I will use an adapted version of Swarm mechanics from the Deathwatch rpg and some ideas from a great pdf article ‘Total war’ by unknown author (and I don’t know from where I downloaded it either). I haven’t tested it yet, so expect some info about that in the future.

The characters are made with the rules from the excellent, albeit poorly edited, sourcebook ‘Tome of Corruption’.

Anyway, the idea of the story is to test the players and their characters in a brutal and evil environment where only the strongest will survive. No mercy, no regret. Everything is allowed: slaughter, PKs, stealing, obscene roleplaying and bad jokes. Those who live will tell the story…

I can’t wait.

In the meanwhile, check the Troll in the Corner’s generous DnD contest! I stopped playing DnD but I wouldn’t mind having that Red Box sitting on my shelf.

PS. I forgot the mention the name of the campaign. When translated in English it would be: ”Gone with the winds…of Chaos”. Hehe, awful I know.

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