News from the Forest’s Edge

I’ve been busy lately…

But that’s good as it keeps flowing my brain juices 🙂

So where to start? Let’s go from the earliest events of this week.

The last Saturday’s playtesting of my contest adventure was interesting albeit a bit hectic. I managed to forget mentioning  an important NPC that party should have met at the beginning of the adventure. Instead, party went strait ahead and eventually ended in an almost Total-Party-Kill as only one character out of five managed to escape confrontation with the Boss.  (I didn’t mention it before, but in my small gaming circle I am rightfully known as a TPK Game Master :D) Anyway, the session as it self was a bit failure, but after it, I had a great brainstorming discussion with players about things they did or didn’t like.  Some better solutions for certain encounters were suggested but that put me in a difficult position to decide  what options to choose: different options affect the story in a way that would demand additional writing and explaining. And that’s something I have to keep under control for at least two reasons: word limit and deadline.  In any case, I gave my self another few days to finish first version and send it to the proofreaders.

This Thursday we played our fourth session of Warhammer fantasy roleplay (second edition). What can I say? We’re back to dark and gritty!!! I  play trollslayer Durak from Barak Varr, a fierce berseker warrior with bad luck in meeting his glorious doom. So far, he managed to slay only one lousy minion, and left others taking fame with: a vampire spawn mutant, a harlequin warlock, an assassin and a demon possessed fox 😀 On the other hand, other characters (a mercenary, a Kislevite kossar, and an outlaw) payed that with serious injuries while some even spent a Faint point or two. It’s great to play wfrp again (you should have seen the glee on mercenary’s player face when we encountered our first mutant), after a dubious experience with last Rogue trader campaign. Unfortunately, our GM is leaving to other town over the summer, so I will take over gming this party, at least until he returns. The bad side of it is that my trollslayer will not have opportunity to properly redeem his shame. 😦

Yesterday I went on a interesting job interview. A big domestic toy distributing company wants to produce it’s own series of fantasy toys for boys from 4 to 9 years old. I contacted them for a story teller position with the task to offer a draft of main storyline, characters and gameplay concept. After an introductory briefing I was given a list with survey results of boys’ preferences about their gaming and free time.  Besides typical interests (pizza, football, cartoons) there are some amusing facts in it: boys have an interest in cards and fantastic creatures (dragons, monster etc.); they like peer competition but they don’t argue with friends as girls do; and they enjoy fixing mechanical stuff they can reassemble. No wonder we have a national issue with gambling addiction when six years old kids want to play cards. Yeah, I know, I’ve been working on my story draft last 24 hours and I already have few moral dilemmas. Sigh. (Read Chatty DM’s interesting blogpost about game marketing for kids.) But nevertheless, this survey shows that kids have a big potential to easily accept the concept of RPGs, something that is not very common in my lousy country.

The biggest problem I face now is the similarities I noticed my story has with some other kids’ products on the market.  And I was totally fucking unaware of such brands!!! It’s not a such surprise, after all, since I am not a part of target group but that doesn’t change the situation I don’t have any original mindblasting material to offer. Crap. Anyway, I will keep posting about it as the situation evolves.

In the meanwhile, if I manage to catch some free time, I’ll read my new book – ‘Shared fantasy’ by Gary Alan Fine, a classic sociological study of RPG subculture. Must read for all dice monkeys.

Btw. I think I’ve been cursed by water elementals!!! Last few weeks every pipe in the house that could get broken or stuck, did. I don’t have any warm water in the house and there was a roof-leaking  in my office this Friday. Weather forecast for next few days  – raining. 😦


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