Random Loot

Here’s a paintbursh picture I made sometime in 2005 for my ‘The Forest of the Horned Hunter’ DnD adventure, placed in the Silver Marches of Forgotten Realms setting.

It depicts a forested area in western side of Sundabar vale, where the story evolves. This is a draft version of the map and the only one I have, the starting town of Loseton is not marked.

Unfortunately, on the first playtest session (with other GM running it) things went very wrong and the adventure was never played to its end after that. Basically, the party’s vampire PC went on killing spree in Loseton and all hell broke loose. After burning half of the town, PCs somehow managed to escape danger and fell in some other unrelated encounter where they eventually met their demise. 🙂

Yeah, I always liked dark and gritty adventures. Life is cheap in the frontier as they say.

And as a special bonus here is an outtake from adventure, a gossip the PCs can hear during their visit in the local tavern ‘Dancing Hare’:

Evil grows in this forest. Some ancient power of hell has planted his cursed seed in forest’s womb. 30 years passed since then …today the spawn of that hellish force is grown and thirsty for human blood. Last month, three children disappeared in the embrace of the forest never to be heard for again. People are afraid and poor Lorick is just a new victim. We should burn the damn woods and evil in it before it swallow us all … But above all, we need to hang that old warlock, Evendur the Hermit. He is a servant of evil, he kidnapped our children.


~ by streebor on March 5, 2010.

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