The Lure of the Epicness

I am not much of a crunch buff when speaking of RPGs. I like story driven adventures so that probably puts me somewhere in the fluff camp. When creating my new PC I tend to stick primary to his background and character (with flaws and quirks), so the rolls generally fall on the last place on priority list. Nevertheless, it always amuses me to see that different kind of players who enjoy minmaxing their little terminator demigods.

A group of players on a domestic fantasy forum, Eydis, (where I moderate a gaming section – Common Balkan language skill required, sorry) started playing an epic Pathfinder adventure with 25 level characters. One of the players with an epic munchkin status in our online circle, made this monster:

Race: Young Celestial Half-gold dragon, Storm giant, Were (horrid) Magebreed,  Woodling, dire tiger, beast of xvim, Lich (good)
Class: Monk 1, wizard 1, Shapeshifter 1, warshaper 1, Master of many forms 1, Nature’s warrior 4, hidecarved dragon 1

Cca 15 attacks per round, AC is around 94 and I am not sure how many hps he can have, but looks like a lot. Witnesses said he killed almost single handedely  a tarrasque that the party was send to kill for. Nice job, lad.  This is a pretty good example of the power of numbers and what a crunchy player with some extra time can make.

Funny, looking at all those templates and stats makes me wonder what is the story behind this character? How does he looks like? How did he become beast of Xvim and a good lich? Where did he get 1 level of wizard and monk? There is so much good stories this character could tell besides all those pimped stats.  I can’t escape my inclination towards fluff but I have to admit there is something viciously attractive to that epic level of (power)gaming. Some stories you just can’t make with your rusty sword and 5 coppers in your pocket. Some stories are made to be epic and legendary. Hmm, maybe I’ll try to make an epic undead, mutated, artificially and magically upgraded lorekeeping psy-bard 🙂

And you? Do you have any epic PC’s stories?


~ by streebor on March 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Lure of the Epicness”

  1. indeed, but then again what are you going to do at that epic level, especially in dnd/pathfinder? you inevitably end up fighting equally (more or less) powerful entities and all that comes to the matter of scale. relations remain more or less the same.

    ill always favour fluff heavy adventures where your combat ability remains somewhat on the side as a necessary evil or better yet a supporting game mechanic.

    • well yes, basically I agree with you.

      but imagine how mindblowing would be to see a good, heavy RP, epic adventure. I mean, is it possible to manage it like that? What kind of party could do that? There is so much questions to tackle with. That’s the lure of the epicness I wanted to talk about.

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